I am a painter living in New York City and always on the look-out for the extraordinary ordinary. Local and personal subjects are my sources of inspiration: the community garden around the corner, neighborhood friends and their children, family outings, the marshlands of coastal New Jersey seen from the air, the view of reflected buildings from my studio window in Midtown Manhattan, and above all, the empty take-out coffee cup in the palm of my hand which has become the site of a seemingly limitless variation of imagery.

I paint in oil and water-based media on flat surfaces - paper, wood panels and canvas - and I also draw and paint daily on my used paper coffee cups. Having amassed many hundreds of these cup artworks, I assemble them into large-scale, permutable installations, shown as often in public art spaces and shop windows as in traditional galleries. An important component of these projects is my own presence, at work in a portable studio, making my cup artworks.

My art practice has evolved in a way that connects drawing, sculpture and performance. I am interested in spatial drawing, drawing as performance and public dialogue, daily art-making, and waste as carrier of social content. Formally, I am interested in evolution and infinite variation. I situate my practice with artists who are concerned about the impact of their materials on the environment and who upcycle from the waste stream.

I have been influenced by Linda Weintraubís series of books, Environmentalities, that challenges artists to be accountable for the environmental impact of their studio practices. I am constantly awed by the upcycled plastic sculpture of Aurora Robson, Caroline Saul and Portia Munson. I love the experimental materiality of Lynda Bengalisís sculptures and I especially admire Mari Omari, Japanese American artist who upcycles teabags into poetic sculpture and installations.

Supporting my studio practice is a blog, Gwyneth's full Brew where I document the intersection of tea, coffee, art-making, art-seeing and daily life. I blog about family life in the city, exhibitions I go to, artists I meet or whose work I love, things I am working on in the studio, and upcycle, recycle and eco-art. The visit my blog click here.