I am an artist living in New York City, and my experience of daily life here is both the catalyst for and the subject of my art. Working from the local, the personal and the ordinary - the paper take-out coffee cup in the palm of my hand, the view from my studio window in the Garment District, friends and their children, the community garden around the corner from my apartment in Hell's Kitchen - my drawings, paintings and installations are about what happens when the familiar suddenly undergoes a perspective shift and is revealed in all its wonder and infinite possibility. With this shift, mundane things become extraordinary, as nodes of rapidly expanding sets of connections, relationships and new artworks.

My approach to art-making is both observational and process-oriented. A fascination with cultural, physical and temporal change combined with the possibility of infinite variation unify projects as diverse as drawing and painting on my used coffee cups each day, repeatedly recording the view from my studio in paint and photography over the course of six years, depicting in two and three dimensions the incursion of human activity on the fractal meanders of salt marshes along the New Jersey coast, and painting portraits of alternative families in my New York City neighborhood.

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