Since moving to New York City in 1999, I have been exploring different ideas about public drawing: drawing in public view, drawing with the public, and getting the public to draw. These projects appeal to my curiosity about where ideas come from and how images are generated.

People are perennially fascinated by the artist's ability to make something out of nothing in the act of drawing. Generally, children assume they can pick up materials and do the same. Adults can be reluctant to try. However, I have found that the act of drawing in public on used paper coffee cups is both meditative and a social lubricant, making people hyper-aware of the present moment and more open to conversation. In the end, few people resist the chance to alter and take home used coffee cups that are no longer trash but a vehicle for art, ideas, conversation and memories of a social moment upcycled from the detritus of our throw-away caffeine culture.

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