Marsh Lines

The Marsh Lines paintings are oils on canvas, wood panel and paper inspired by aerial views of the salt marshes along the New Jersey Coast. I am fascinated by the organic patterns in this ecosystem interrupted by the Euclidean geometry of human activity.


Cup Drawings

My drawing surface of choice since 2009 has been the paper take-out coffee cup. I save the cups from the hot drinks I buy and occasionally collect them from other artists with whom I meet for tea or coffee around town. I wash and dry them and record on the bottom the date, place and occasion, as well as the drink that was consumed, thus capturing the social moment just passed.

Perfect Families

From 2006 to 2010 I focused on a project called Perfect Families, painting portraits of alternative and mixed race families, primarily my friends and neighbors in New York City. I see these real people as archetypes for the contemporary American family at a time when mixed race families, trans-racial adoption and above all, same sex marriage and parenting continue to challenge assumptions about societal norms.

Works on paper

Family Album is a set of small gouache paintings on paper which I painted several years after the birth of my second daughter Grace, who has Down Syndrome. Looking back on this group, I am struck by the mix of emotions regarding the newest member of the family - anxiety, curiosity, protectiveness and deep love - which these little paintings reveal.


These paintings, which set the traditional imagery of the Stations of the Cross in the midst of contemporary conflicts, were commissioned by Saint Paul's on the Green in Norwalk Connecticut in 2004. The stations have been permanently installed in the church since February 2005.